At Paws2Clip I offer a professional dog grooming service, providing that one on one personal touch. I don’t believe in rushing a groom, all dogs are individuals and care is taken to understand each dog’s needs. I only take in one dog at a time so the entire focus is on your dog from time of arrival until time of leaving. At Paws2Clip it’s all about your dog enjoying the grooming experience no matter how long it takes.

Here at Paw2Clip it's all about the dog!

At Paws2Clip I run a professional dog grooming business from the comfort of my own home. With a fully equipped, air conditioned grooming room, your dog will enjoy a relaxed, comfortable and stress free, one on one grooming experience. Each dog will be groomed at a pace that suits his or her individual needs, all dogs are different and not all grooms are achieved in an ideal time frame.

Some dogs are able to handle the process from start to finish in a timely fashion others require breaks along the way. A puppy in for his first groom will most certainly need breaks, unsure and afraid he will need to be reassured that grooming is not something to be feared. An older dog who can’t stand for long periods of time will require breaks, sitting for longer periods during the groom all of these things will need to be factored into their groom. Whatever it takes to achieve a comfortable and stress free groom!

No dog will be caged during their stay at Paws2Clip, for some dogs it’s a scary feeling being placed in a cage when that would never happen at home. Some dogs don’t react well to other dogs being around them, how are they suppose to enjoy a groom when they are worried about the other dogs. At Paws2Clip grooming times are allocated around the dogs individual requirements.

I myself spent 10 years searching for a groomer for our Maltese cross - Gizmo, (a crook leg, possibly broken at birth the vet believes) snappy when anyone tried to pick it up, a bad experience early in the piece when grooming him, made it even worst. Until the day we found a special groomer willing to accommodate his individual needs. Scissor that leg and never put a clipper near it, the rest of him was trouble free. We want to be able to give my clients dogs that type of care and attention.

A little about myself - I grew up eventing horses, learning to clip my own horses at the age of 17, because one horse in particular did not like his head being done unless he was sedated, something I didn’t like being done to him. I realised early on that there was a demand for clipping “problem” horses who needed a little more time and care. So I decided to help by clipping horses who didn’t quite enjoy the experience. Something I did for over 15 years. I must say it took over 2 years before my boy would stand like an angel to have his head done, but it was well worth it for us both.

Around about the same time our family had a pet poodle and I would always say to mum - I’m sure I could clip Candy and do a better job, but I was never allowed.

A change in life’s direction at 40 saw me look into Dog Grooming however the expense of doing the course and setting up was out of my reach at that time. Ten years on after a successful 10 years in the Corporate world saw me decide the time was right to fulfil that life long dream of Grooming Dogs and as they say the rest is history. We currently work 2 days a week in a successful grooming salon then Wednesday – Saturday 8.00am – 5.00pm from home.