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Here at Paws2Clip you will find the best dog groomers in Perth offering an excellent service with a personal touch, leaving you with peace of mind knowing your friendly pooch is in the care of experts. When you select Paws2Clip to groom your dog, you are choosing a business that treats your dog with love and care. Each dog is unique and has different requirements which is why we make sure your dog is comfortable and enjoys a relaxing time in a friendly environment. We take our time as the best dog groomers in Perth, never rushing the process so you can be sure your dog is completely cleaned and groomed.

Paws2Clip is a home business where we provide the services of the best dog groomers in Perth in an environment that is fully equipped with everything needed for second to none grooming so your dog will be relaxed and relieve all stress they may have accumulated. We are proud of being the best dog groomers in Perth, as we groom at the pace that suits your dog best, so they will not feel pushed during the process of coat rimming, nail clipping and more. We understand some dogs need small breaks during the process because they don’t like to stay in the same place and position for a long time.

It is important to add that no dogs will be caged during the grooming session, this scary experience is not part of our process as the best dog groomers in Perth, so you can rest assured your dogs are in a place where they will have an enjoyable experience, offered by qualified people that will look after them. Here at Paws2Clip you will find a dedicated professional that loves to offer this service and is dedicated to providing an experience for your dog that is unrivalled.

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