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Dog Clipping Perth

Looking for dog clipping in Perth is important if you want your dog to look fluffy, healthy and always clean. With professional service for dog clipping in Perth, your dog will be fully pampered and cleaned by a truly dedicated expert. Here at Paws2Clip we have all the tools needed for proper dog clipping in Perth, offering a service that is second to none in terms of quality but is also a relaxing option and a time they can easily enjoy with one of our experts that are passionate and very dedicated to dog clipping in Perth.

Paws2Clip is located in a family home with all the comforts of a friendly environment that will make your pet feel comfortable and enjoy their stay. I have a lot of experience offering this service with all the knowledge we have collected during these years, so we are fully equipped with top of the line tools for dog clipping in Perth. We are experienced and passionate professionals that understand how important it is to have your dog looking beautiful, clean and completely hygienic.

Contact us today to schedule your visit to our premises, we work Tuesday - Saturday 8:00am to 5:00 pm and we’ll be happy to welcome your dog in our premises to enjoy dog clipping in Perth and leave the place looking and feeling great without any stress. Here at Paws2Clip our goal has always been ensuring your dog enjoys the time spent with us and is completely relaxed and pampered once the process is completed. Call us now for more information and rest assured that your dogs will receive a premium service.

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