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Dog Grooming Canning Vale

Paws2Clip provides second to none dog grooming in Canning Vale with the added value of providing a fully equipped grooming area designed to keep your dog feeling comfortable whilst receive premium grooming. We are proud of offering a personalised service conscious about the needs of each dog which widely varied between breeds and any unique health conditions. Our services of effective dog grooming in Canning Vale set the difference from the rest of businesses offering such services because we groom dogs in the comfort of a family house, making sure they are happy and free from all stress non- pet friendly locations may present.

Having an unrivalled passion for dogs and offering excellent dog grooming in Canning Vale, the most effective approaches and techniques are utilised to ensure the hygiene of your dog is preserved and they are able to enjoy a relaxing groom. We understand every dog is different and some of them may need small breaks and a slower pace to complete a grooming process successfully. For that reason, we pay a lot of attention to how your dog is feeling and make sure they are completely comfortable so the time they spend here can be relaxing and fun for them. Discover the Paws2Clip difference and ensure your friendly pooch is in the care of true professionals.

Contact us today to schedule your visit to our premises which is also fully airconditioned to maximise comfort levels during the process. At Paws2Clip you will find only dedicated professionals that are able to handle the process with all the equipment needed to make sure your dog is treated in accordance to its unique needs and breed qualities. Our dog grooming in Canning Vale is all about providing your dog with an enjoyable experience at equitable prices.

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