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At Paws2Clip is where you will find an expert with many years of experience offering the professional services of dog grooming and clippers in Perth with high attention to detail. We take our time and never rush the grooming process in order to make sure your dogs are happy and enjoy the entire process. We understand each dog has a different need and a different type of coat for that reason we don’t endorse any one-size-fits-all technique, always working at a pace that your dog feels comfortable with and allowing small breaks if they are required. Choose Paws2Clip for your dogs to have an excellent experience with professional dog grooming and clippers in Perth, as we have become to trusted choice amongst dog lovers.

We don’t believe caging dogs is a good option to keep them under control, it is well known that keeping them in a cage can cause traumas that will affect their behaviour for a long time. For that reason, we never keep dogs in cages, treating them well and making sure they enjoy their time with us every time. Here at Paws2Clip, you will not only find a professional service, but also adding a personal touch with a warm and welcoming environment in a cosy house with all the equipment needed for proper grooming provided by passionate dog grooming and clippers in Perth that love treating dogs well with all the love and care they deserve.

We work Tuesday - Saturday 8:00am to 5:00 pm and you can schedule your visit right now. Ensure your dog will be with a passionate professional who understands that dogs may feel unsure and nervous during this process. Look no further for premium dog grooming and clippers in Perth at equitable pricing.

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