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Paws2Clip is a mandatory mention among businesses offering expert dog grooming in Kelmscott and the areas nearby. We have the equipment needed to offer a remarkable service at an excellent price and we offer second to none services to ensure all dogs are clean and healthy, with beautiful coat. Find a professional dedicated to expert dog grooming in Kelmscott to leave your dog looking pampered and feeling relaxed. We have been offering specialised services with all the knowledge we have acquired during these years to make sure your dog can relax and enjoy the grooming process completely.

Here at Paws2Clip, we are glad of having turned into the favourite option when it comes to dog grooming in Kelmscott for dog owners needing a premium service that can successfully cover their needs and make their pets look incredible. When you select Paws2Clip as your option for premium dog grooming in Kelmscott, you are making an accurate choice, selecting experts that are passionate about their job who understand they need to treat dogs in a unique manner to suit their individual needs in accordance to breed, age and even health condition.

Contact us today to schedule a visit to our premises so you can ensure your dog receives second to none dog grooming in Kelmscott. When you choose our experts to take care of your dog, you can rest assured that they will feel at home in our grooming area stocked with all the tools and equipment needed for proper dog grooming in Kelmscott. Quality grooming, responsible treatment and ethical processes are what we pride ourselves on here at Paws2Clip.

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