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Dog Grooming Perth southern suburbs

Paws2Clip is the leading choice for dog grooming in Perth Southern Suburbs. We have many years of experience providing a professional service with a personal touch, building long-lasting relationships with our clients who are always happy with the way we treat their dogs and how their coat looks when we finish. Here at Paws2Clip, our main goal is to ensure your four-legged companions are kept clean and healthy avoiding issues that can affect overall wellbeing. We know how to provide top services without the need of keeping dogs in cages or confined as some dogs require small breaks and an altered pace to feel comfortable while receiving dog grooming in Perth southern suburbs.

Here at Paws2Clip, we have become the trusted and reliable choice because we not only use the most advanced techniques to ensure your dogs will have a highly enjoyable experience, but also having their coat well groomed using premium quality tools designed to provide an excellent service. We only work with one dog at a time, so they receive the attention required to meet specific needs, taking as long as needed to ensure your dog feels comfortable and enjoys the service of dog grooming in Perth southern suburbs.

We are proud of running grooming services in a fully equipped and airconditioned area, this helps dogs receive a comfortable and relaxing dog grooming in Perth southern suburbs and help them relieve stress. At Paws2Clip, we are all about providing a specialised service for second to none dog grooming in Perth southern suburbs that will surely cover your expectations and keep your dog happy. Contact us today to schedule a visit to our premises, we’ll be happy to have a new visitor here!

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