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Paws2Clip is an excellent choice for dog owners interested in finding professional and specialised dog grooming services provided by skilled a professional with many years of experience in the field. We offer professional and personalised dog grooming services at excellent prices and making sure our little barking clients are happy with the experience, relieving stress and feeling as comfortable as they would be at their house. We work from a family home with a fully equipped grooming area to ensure the process will be successfully completed and up to your expectations. We only use top of the line equipment to ensure the coat is properly groomed and cleaned.

Here at Paws2Clip we are happy to be the favourite option in the area when it comes to offering a remarkable service that is not only excellent in terms of efficiency but also makes pets feel comfortable during their stay in a relaxed environment. Our compassionate and friendly professional does not condone keeping a dog inside a cage because we know this can cause serious trauma in dogs and affect their behaviour in the long run. We know that each dog is different and has different needs, so they need a specialised strategy with a personal touch that will surely make your dog feel stress free.

When you choose Paws2Clip as your providers of dog grooming services, you are making an accurate choice since we treat dogs as family members and make sure they enjoy the time they spend with us. You can schedule your visit with your dog to our premises and make sure there won’t be any unpleasant surprises with dog grooming services that may not be up to what you’re looking for. Here at Paws2Clip our main goal is to provide specialised care and grooming services to ensure you and your dog are happy with the results every time.

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