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Paws2Clip provides excellent dog grooming in WA, with all the equipment needed to ensure your dog’s coat and nails are kept in optimal conditions. We are proud of being able to offer a remarkable service that is always up to the expectations of our customers. When you decide to enjoy dog grooming in WA by the hand of truly experienced experts you are making a reliable decision knowing your dog will be treated like a part of the family, never putting them in a cage or rushing a grooming process because we know not all dogs are the same and some of them may need pauses since they cannot spend a long time in the same position.

Here at Paws2Clip you will only find experienced professionals that are completely dedicated to offering a premium service where dogs can feel relaxed and relieve all stress accumulated in their daily routines. Proper dog grooming in WA is very important to pamper your furry friends as well as keeping them looking their cutest! We have all the equipment needed to ensure your dog’s coat and nails are clean and hygienic and they will surely look beautiful once the process is completed.

Contact us today if you need more information about our dog grooming in WA or to schedule a first visit to our premises and let your dog enjoy their relaxing time in our fully airconditioned and equipped premises. We have collected a lot of knowledge over the years we have provided an unmatched service and when you select our services you can rest assured your dogs will receive a dedicated service by a passionate dog groomer. Call us now for more information, we’ll be happy to assist you.

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