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People looking for professional and specialised pet grooming in Armadale will find at Paws2Clip a dedicated business with years of experience in the field of keeping dogs well-groomed and clean. We are proud of being the trusted choice for conscious dog owners that want their dogs to feel safe and free from stress and the fear they usually feel during these processes. At Paws2Clip, your dog will find a cosy and comfortable environment and all the tools needed for a leading service. We take our time and work at a pace your dog may require whilst also having breaks in between.

Paws2Clip is an excellent business with a passionate professional that will never rush the process, making sure your dog is comfortable during their time here. With extensive knowledge in offering dog nail and coat grooming and other services to keep dogs healthy and looking well, Paws2Clip is the trusted and reliable choice and utilises the best strategies and techniques for proper pet grooming in Armadale. We only work on one dog at the time, so you can be sure your dog will have all our focus and attention until the process is completed.

At Paws2Clip we are open Tuesday - Saturday 8:00am to 5:00 pm and you can schedule your visit to get your dogs’ coat properly groomed using the most advanced tools to complete the process, so it won’t be an easy target for fleas and other issues. We are very passionate about our job and with the help of specialised professionals we will make sure your dog feels at home while this process is being completed. Contact us today to schedule your visit so your dog can enjoy professional pet grooming in Armadale.

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