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Paws2Clip is the most trusted and reliable option if you are looking for professional pet grooming in Perth. We have achieved our goal of becoming the preferred option in the area for dog owners that want their companion to receive the very best service, in a place where they will feel at home, enjoying the cosiness and comfort of a family house with all the tools required for a proper grooming service. We know some dogs may feel unsure during this process, for that reason it is important that they are in an environment that is very comfortable with all the equipment needed for an excellent service that your pet will surely enjoy.

Paws2Clip is proud of being the most reliable business in the area for dog owners that need to keep their dogs in excellent condition, so their coat is healthy and strong as always. Here at Paws2Clip we set the difference from other business due to the quality of the service we provide, putting all our focus and attention on one dog at a time and making sure we are going at a pace that the dogs feel comfortable with.

Extensive knowledge in this area has allowed us to improve our techniques for pet grooming in Perth. We are happy to be the favourite option in the area due to the kindness and warm treatment we give our clients’ dogs, making sure they enjoy pet grooming in Perth and their owners are happy with the final result. At Paws2Clip we treat pets in a personalised way, never keeping them in cages and taking all the breaks they may need so they will not be traumatised or feel pushed during the process. Contact us today to schedule your visit.

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