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Professional Dog Grooming

While grooming may look like a simple process that can be completed by anyone, professional dog grooming is a process that can provide your dog with an important number of benefits, one being that your pet will stay free from fleas and other external menaces that can affect their skin. Our main goal here at Paws2Clip is to make sure you understand the importance of giving your dog proper professional dog grooming with qualified people that will make the entire process more relaxing and enjoyable for your little barking friend.

Grooming is a very important part of the process to keep your dog looking and feeling great, avoiding problems such as overgrown nails, matted coat and skin irritation. With professional dog grooming by the hand of skilled professionals you can forget about these issues, we will treat your dog as part of the Paws2Clip family to ensure a comfortable and relaxing time that is second to none in terms of quality. We are passionate about delivering professional dog grooming and keeping your dog looking good. We have all the equipment needed to offer second to none professional dog grooming in Perth and ensure your dog leaves with a healthy coat and is happy once the process is completed.

You can schedule your visit today to our fully equipped and airconditioned grooming area; we offer professional dog grooming from Tuesday to Saturdays and you can rest assured knowing we will never rush a groom and we will take as long as needed to make sure your dog is pampered and groomed properly. Leave the hygiene of your dog in the hands of truly skilled professionals that are truly passionate about professional dog grooming.

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