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Paws2Clip is a leading business that offers premium quality WA dog grooming by the hand of an expert that has extensive knowledge offering specialised grooming services. With a personal touch that will surely cover all your dogs’ needs, we work to keep their coat and nails well kept at all times. We are proud of offering a professional service, never rushing a grooming session and treating all dogs according to their specific needs.

We only work on one dog at a time, putting all the focus, attention and energy in making sure your dog enjoys the experience and is comfortable throughout. Here at Paws2Clip, your dog will feel at home while they receive top WA dog grooming with specialised equipment designed for top notch grooming and to make sure the process is completed correctly. With constant work, training and research, we have achieved the right techniques and strategies to ensure all of the unique requirements for you and your dog are met.

Schedule your visit to our premises with your little friend today and take your dog to a place fully equipped and airconditioned, with professionals that will put all their focus on making their coat look great and clean, taking as long as needed with as many breaks as necessary for your dog. Call us today and we’ll be happy to provide you with more detailed information about the services we offer. Remember that here at Paws2Clip, our main goal is to ensure your dog receives professional WA dog grooming that exceeds your expectations. Discover the difference that premium quality grooming tools and specialised expertise can achieve when you select Paws2Clip for your dog today.

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